Easwara Sabha Surya Ashram

Agnimeele Purohitham
Yajnasya Devamrithvijam
Hotharam Rathnadhathamam

Are you a disabled person?

Then call us to 9544100239 ,8606256627

We, Eawara Sabha Soorya Ashram welcome all of you of any caste, creed or religion to our "cure through prayer & meditation". Patients of physical mental disabilities, hospitalized, bed ridden, chronic diseases, business men, partners of "not yet married" children parents who give not blessed with children you may please take appointment at any time for any time by calling to 8606256627.
The treatment is based in seasons. You should be ready for prayer in the houses.
You can come to our centre or we would provide the service at your house. Donations are accepted for the renovation of Ashram.
May God help everybody to visit our Ashram.

"Cure through charting of veda mantras"

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